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Frequently Asked Questions from our clients, answered by the Finova Money Team. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

To help you start your financial planning journey, we've put together the questions we're asked most often. 

If you have a question that we haven't answered, please contact us.

  • What are your values and why are they important?
    Our values are more than just words; they underpin everything we do. Our core values are: Be hard to replace Do what’s right, not what’s easy Commit to consistent progress Listen to understand Be open to challenge Do what you love, and do it often A financial journey lasts a lifetime. You deserve someone who’s going to be on that journey with you, not just for a moment in time.
  • Are you independent?
    Yes, we are independent. This means we’re not tied to any specific product providers or banks, so you’ll receive whole of market, and impartial, advice.
  • Are you regulated?
    Yes, Finova Money and all its advisers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can find us on the FCA’s register by clicking here.
  • Are any of your advisers Chartered?
    Yes, we currently have Chartered Financial Advisers in our team. We believe this is a standard all our advisers should aspire to.
  • Who is Sense Network?
    Financial advisers in the UK are authorised by the FCA either directly, or via a network, such as Sense. There are many benefits of being part of the Sense Network, including access to an experienced technical team who support over 400 advisers nationwide, training, regulatory reporting and updates, access to technology and services not otherwise available and a compliance function to ensure our advice remains top notch. This ensures the advice you receive is of the highest standards.
  • What qualifications do your financial advisers have?
    Our advisers are committed to their own personal and professional development. In addition to the more basic financial advice qualifications, we also have more advanced qualifications, including: Personal Tax and Trust Planning Discretionary Investment Management Financial Planning for Businesses Retirement Income Planning Long Term Care Advice
  • Why should I go with Finova Money?
    We know the impact financial planning can have on people’s lives. That’s why we founded Finova Money. Some of the notable differences are: We aim to provide great advice with a proactive and personal service We put your goals and aspirations before investments or products We charge fixed fees for financial advice, not percentages We follow an evidence-based investing approach We want to help people who are overlooked by many advisers, such as earlier stage business owners and a clients’ adult children/ parents On average, our team is younger than your average financial adviser. The current average age of a financial adviser in the UK is 58 and it’s estimated that 30% of these will retire in the next two to five years*. We have a long road ahead of us before we reach that point! * Source: FT Adviser
  • How accessible are you?
    Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We understand life doesn’t always fit into these times, so we look to be flexible when needed. You’ll always have a direct point of contact who you can reach via phone, email, call back request or video call. We aim to respond to any queries within 24 hours so you can rest assured you won’t be met by an automated system or have to wait days for a response.
  • How long does an initial meeting take?
    Initial meetings usually last 45 mins – 90 mins. We don’t impose time restrictions, meaning we have the freedom to take as long as we need. Check out our First Meeting Checklist here, which outlines what to expect from – and what you could bring to – this first meeting.
  • Can I meet you face to face?
    Yes. Where practical, face-to-face meetings are encouraged, particularly early in our relationship. Geographic location will of course play a factor in adviser availability.
  • Where do meetings take place?
    We have clients from across the UK, meaning we are practical with how we hold meetings. In general, meetings are usually via video call or at a client’s home or place of work. Where needed, private meeting rooms can be arranged to ensure privacy.
  • How do I book a meeting?
    You can book a video call with one of the team by clicking here or by emailing us at
  • What do you advise on?
    We offer a full range of financial planning services. Our planning includes both reviews of existing arrangements and where needed, the setting up new ones. We provide financial advice on: Pensions for individuals and business owners Income planning Investment and wealth management Protection and life insurance Inheritance and estate planning Risk management Tax planning The use of VCTs and EIS Employee benefits for business owners We have excellent relationships with accountants, mortgage brokers and solicitors, where these services are needed.
  • Why is a Financial Plan important?
    Having a clear Financial Plan for the future helps reduce stress and increase confidence. The most important part of building your financial future is taking that first step.
  • Do I need advice?
    Everyone’s financial needs are different and these change throughout our lives. Having a clear Financial Plan absolutely helps with this. Financial advice can help answer questions like: What should I be doing with my money? How much should I be saving if I want to retire at X age? Are my pensions and investments in the right place? Am I making the most of the opportunities available to me? How can I save tax? What actions do I need to take to reach my goals or achieve financial independence? People also often find a major life event leaves them with financial questions, such as: I’ve had an offer for my business, is it enough? How much should I put down as a deposit on a new house? What should I do with an inheritance I’ve received? How should I replace my income when I retire? If you’ve ever thought of questions like this, then financial advice may be beneficial. Our service is designed to help you put a plan in place, and then if needed, maintain it. The process all starts with a conversation that will give you the information you need to make your decision, without any commitment to go any further.
  • How do you invest money?
    We take an evidence-based approach to investing your money. This means investment decisions are based on long-term market trends shown through decades of academic research. Our approach involves buying shares in the world’s biggest companies and bonds and gilts through funds that track indices such as the FTSE 100 or S&P 500. We then keep costs low and carefully manage the level of risk you take to give you the best chance of achieving your objectives, as outlined in your Financial Plan. You can read more on our guide to Evidence-Based Investing here. (ADD LINK)
  • What are your different service levels?
    All our services have a minimum offering of an annual review and planning meeting, plus access to us by phone or email as and when you need us. Beyond that, we then tailor the rest of our service to meet your specific needs. Foundations: This is our lighter touch digital offering for those with a relatively straightforward financial situation. It is great for people looking to get the basics in place, those preparing for a bigger capital event, or when you’re retired and have a settled situation. In Foundations, most planning needs would be catered for around the annual review and planning meeting. Core service: This is our main financial planning service where our advice covers more complex needs that would not be typically be covered under Foundations such as a broader range of investment options and tax planning. There is typically more planning throughout the year and you have the option of face-to-face meetings. The service scales depending on how much, advice, work and support is required. Family offering: This is for clients and their families, which may cover multiple households, additional entities such as a family business, family trusts or FIC, and investable assets of over £5 million. There is emphasis on intergenerational planning and support for wider family members. Our service levels are designed to be flexible and where appropriate, clients may move from one service level to another. This ensure they are getting the support they need, when they need it. You can find out more about our [Different Service Levels Here] and see [Client Examples Here].
  • Do you offer socially responsible and sustainable investment options?
    Yes, we offer ESG investments that consider environmental, social and governance aspects of the underlying investments. We also offer Impact Investments, which proactively look to create a positive social or environmental impact as well as a financial return.
  • Can I manage my own investments?
    Yes, it is not uncommon for clients to have a small part of their overall portfolio that they manage themselves. Where our advice is strictly limited to planning and products, with a client is taking full ownership of the investments, it is important to us that we are comfortable with the individual’s investment experience and knowledge for this to be possible. It is worth remembering self-selected investments may reduce the level of protection you receive.
  • Do you offer a discreet second opinion service?
    Yes, we’re happy to provide a second opinion on your current financial planning or to have an initial chat to see how we can help. Many of our clients had existing advisers before they started working with us. Some of their concerns included poor service, high costs, no cashflow modelling, a focus on products and stock picking rather than planning for their futures, and simply not feeling heard or understood. We are seeing more and more people becoming aware of the benefit of financial planning rather than traditional wealth management and understanding the importance of choosing a financial planning partner who actually listens to what matters most to them.
  • Why do you charge fixed fees?
    We charge fixed fees for a number of reasons. We believe in delivering value at a fair and professional price for all clients, irrespective of how wealthy they are or the level of assets they have. Just because someone has more or less money, doesn’t mean they require more or less support. Percentage fee models focus on investable assets and in our view, can lead to a conflict of interest. Our fees are based on the complexity of the work and support each client needs.
  • Do I pay for an initial meeting?
    No, the initial meeting is on us. So is the Deep Dive meeting. You can find out the different stages of our advice process here.
  • How do you calculate your advice fees?
    Our fees are based on the complexity of your situation. We account for a number of different factors, including, but not limited to: The number of people being advised The complexity of the tax position The number of meetings required The number and size of arrangements being managed The number and type of investments being made each year The need for extra planning for your company or trust assets Take a look at Our Pricing for examples of this.
  • Could the fees change?
    Each client’s fee is reviewed at their annual review, taking their current situation and plans for the year to come into account. The fees may go up or down, depending on whether more or less support and planning is required in the year ahead. This review ensures you pay for the advice and support you need, when you need it.
  • Do you charge for new investments or topping up with new money?
    No, we do not charge implementation fees. Our initial Financial Plan covers the cost of transferring existing products or making new investments. For clients paying for an ongoing service, this covers topping up or making new investments during the year. This means 100% of your money would typically be invested.
  • If I work with you, will I be “locked in” or subject to exit charges?
    Absolutely not! The relationship we build with our clients is built on trust. If you decided that you no longer wish to work with our team, for whatever reason, we do not charge exit fees or penalise you. This is an added incentive for us to ensure we provide you with a great service, so you want to stay.
  • How do your fees compare?
    For most people, our fees are very competitive. By offering a fixed fee, the cost of our advice should reduce as a percentage over time as your assets grow. According to a 2020 report by the FCA, the average cost of initial advice was 2.4% and 0.8% for ongoing advice. Independent research by The Langcat in 2020 showed that the average all in cost of advice, including products and investments, was 2.18%. Our costs are typically well below these.
  • What do our clients say about us?
    Check out our Google reviews!
  • Where is my money held?
    Any money you invest with us is held in a ring-fenced trustee or nominee account. This keeps your money totally separate from the trading activities of investment managers and platforms, protecting you in the very unlikely event of one of these companies failing. Your investment should also be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ( If for any reason this is not the case, we would tell you before any money is invested.
  • Does Finova Money hold client money?
    No, we don’t hold client money. Therefore there is no trading risk associated with working with Finova Money.
  • What happens if I need money from my investments?
    For most investments, you can have your money back in your bank account within seven to 10 working days. If you need to withdraw money from investments, communicating with your adviser as early as possible is always a good idea so they can plan ahead for you.
  • How do you protect my data?
    We have robust systems in place to protect your personal information. In fact, we have ICO certification, demonstrating good practice and commitment to data security. Our internal systems are guarded by some of the latest security technology, including end-to-end encryption and multifactor authentication. In addition to this, we also carry out an annual verification process under the UK government’s Cyber Essential scheme to make sure our systems and data protection are as robust as they can be.
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