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Our pricing is made up of two stages.

Finova Money Scribble

Design & Build.

Finova Money Line

The one-off cost of designing and building your financial plan will be dependent on the complexity of your plan and your personal circumstances.

From £750

Costs start from £750. We’ll provide you with a fixed cost before we start any work – this won’t change.


Once the hard work has been done designing your plan, we won’t charge you for putting it in place.


Finova Money Line

Our ongoing support ensures your plan remains on track. We will determine the Tier that is best suited to your needs.


Finova Money Tier 1

From £100 per month


Our digital offering for those starting out.


Finova Money Tier 2

From £300 per month


Our full financial planning service.


Finova Money Tier 3

From £2,500 per month

Family Offering

Our most sophisticated offering for multi-generational families

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